Dog training is the use of behavior analysis, which uses the environmental events of causes and effects to change the behavior of the dog, either so that it can help in certain activities or carry out specified duties or so that it may successfully engage in modern home life.

Among your dog’s fundamental needs are socialization and proper training. As soon as you can, begin basic dog training commands with your dog to sit, stay, come, go to their kennel, and go potty outside. Unbelievably, even a novice can do the task themself.

House and crate training

You’ll need to educate your dog where to relieve themselves unless you intend to leave your dog outside, which is uncommon because it is not advised. Therefore, one of the first things you should concentrate on with your dog is provide house training, often known as toilet training or potty training. Crate training has many advantages for the training process. This pertains to many other training disciplines as well as home training.

Crate training puppies

The fundamentals of teaching your dog or puppy to tolerate and even love the crate are available in Malaysia Dog Training centre, Leowon Whisperer. It will not only aid in housebreaking but also provide your dog a personal space.

House training

In the end, house training is not particularly difficult, but it does not imply that it is simple. During the housebreaking process, consistency and dedication are essential.

Excitement/Submissive Urination in Dogs

If your dog is still having accidents or problems at home, the problem might not only be one of housebreaking. In times of excitement or submission, your dog could urinate.

Training Dogs and Puppies on Leashes

Every dog has to become accustomed to leash walking. In addition to the fact that the majority of places have leash restrictions, there may be occasions when having your dog on a leash is necessary for his protection. Learn how to correctly introduce your dog or puppy to the leash, and then show him how to walk next to you while riding a bike. A walk on a loose leash teaches your dog not to lunge or tug when wearing the leash, which enhances how much you both enjoy the walk.

Canine Clicker Training

A popular kind of positive reinforcement called clicker training is a quick and efficient way to educate dogs. Even while it’s still acceptable to teach your dog without using a clicker, many people believe it to be beneficial. You may quickly and successfully teach your dog a variety of fundamental and sophisticated instructions and tricks with clicker training. Learn how to clicker teach your dog quickly and easily from our experienced dog trainer in Selangor, Malaysia.

Basic Instructions and Fun Games

Every dog should be able to do certain fundamental dog tricks and commands, such as sit, stay, down. Simple instructions offer your dog structure. They may also assist you in resolving typical dog behavior issues and ensure the safety of your dog.

Problem-solving and Testing Behaviors

The final stage in teaching your dog a new habit is proofing. Learn how to reinforce desired actions so your dog will behave just as well at a friend’s or the park as he does in your living room.

Just because you are near the end of the training process doesn’t guarantee that behavior issues won’t arise. Learn about the most typical canine behavior issues and how to handle them. You can navigate this phase of training with the aid of the following guides:

Proofing behaviors

Practice your behavior in a range of settings with various distraction levels. If you don’t proof, your dog can act appropriately in your living room but appear to have forgotten all of his training when he is outside.


Through dog obedience training, your dog will learn that nothing in life is free and that he must earn things like food and attention through his own effort.

Common behavioural issues

You can identify possible behavioral problems earlier and take appropriate action by having a better understanding of them.

Dog Behavior Control vs Dog training

Dog training and dog behavior management are not incompatible endeavors despite their differences. The control of behavior is crucial to any program for training dogs.

Expert Dog Training Course Malaysia

When your dog has learned the fundamentals, you could think about teaching him more complex tricks. Your dog will have extra dog skills and they will remain active, healthy, and cognitively occupied thanks to these exercises. Furthermore, they will help to strengthen the bond you share with your dog.

Remember that training is an ongoing process. You’ll never finish everything. For the entirety of your dog’s life, obedience training must be continued. For example, people who pick up a language early on but stop using it may lose a lot of it as they become older. It is the same when it comes to your dog, either use it or lose it. Even the simplest tricks and commands can benefit from repetition to keep fresh in your dog’s memory. It’s also a great method to strengthen your relationship with your dog.