One of the best parts of keeping a dog is finding fun and useful activities for them. A great way to keep your dog healthy is to give them exercise that is both mentally and physically demanding. Additionally, it strengthens your bond. Start training your puppy at young age for the best outcome.  

Whether it’s playing games with your dog indoors or outdoors, teaching your dog interactive games with treats as a reward, or discovering intellectual games for dogs can keep yourself and your dog entertained almost everywhere. There are a few dog training methods that can be applied in order for dogs to follow commands at the same time.

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Below are a few great games and activities for your doggy to play at home along with owners.


The vast majority of dogs like playing fetch since it is a game that both people and dogs appreciate. A tennis ball or frisbee, a yard, park, or field, and an energetic dog are all you need for some fun.

Playing fetch is a great activity for energetic dogs. They get a ton of exercise while also getting to fulfill their drive to run. You can keep your dog busy and mentally engaged by providing him with a range of toys to pursue. For instance, a frisbee could be a little tricky to catch but more fun to catch in flight.

Tug of War

The majority of dogs like playing the classic game of tug of war. Your dog will find tug-of-war to be engaging and exciting, and it’s perfect for both inside and outdoor play. All that yanking and tugging is also a healthy sort of exercise. When playing this game, be careful not to overexcite your dog, and keep youngsters away.

Among other things, you should exercise caution when playing tug of war with a dog. Remember that puppies’ lips are still developing and that they still have baby teeth. Pulling should never last more than a few seconds at a time. If kids seem too young to play, look into alternative choices.

Take into consideration your dog’s teeth and gums when playing tug of war. Utilize a product that won’t cause inside mouth injury. As an alternative, use a rope or a dog toy made of soft rubber. If your dog has a history of back and neck problems, try an alternative activity before consulting with your veterinarian or dog trainer Malaysia.

Hide and Seek

If you want to challenge your dog’s intelligence with some engaging games, you can’t go wrong with concealing the treat. With this canine enrichment game, they may have fun while honing their problem-solving skills. Place the treat in an area that will be challenging for your dog to find and lightly touch it a few times as it approaches the hiding place.

While your dog is hunting, use terms like “hot” and “cold” to describe the treat as it gets closer and farther away. If you go from a relaxed “cold” to an enthusiastic “warm” or “hot,” their listening skills will increase, albeit it could take some time before they fully understand.

Agility training

If you want to advance, agility training is the way to go. Agility training is the finest kind of mental and physical activity for dogs. It will help your dog burn off excess energy and exhaust them so they may enjoy a long nap or a restful night’s sleep.

In a yard or park, construct an obstacle course using materials from about the house. Cones, crates, and anything else that comes to mind may be used to help them jump over and weave around obstacles. If you have a hula hoop, show them how to leap through it, and be sure to reward them as they become better.

Chasing the prey

Your dog’s natural hunting instincts need to be positively released to stop the local squirrels from scaling trees. In this game, a flirt pole is employed. A flirt pole is a long stick or pole with a rope attached to one end. A flirt pole may be bought or can be created with some basic DIY abilities.

When your dog is getting ready to pounce, pause the toy swinging slowly by attaching it to the rope of the flirt pole. Make sure you sometimes let your dog “catch” the toy as a treat so they may gain confidence and continue to show interest.

Follow your nose

Dogs of any age may engage in scenting exercises, which is excellent. Even an old dog may play the game at their own pace and have a chance to win the incredible prize at the trail’s end.

You may create a “scent bag” that can be used to create a fragrant trail on the ground by stuffing something sweet, stinky, and slimy inside a piece of cloth and attaching a string to the end. Anything that your dog considers pleasant will work as long as it leaves a scent trail on the ground. For this game, I prefer to use freeze-dried tripe that has been steeped in beef sauce. Pull the bag through a winding, zigzagging route that skirts around trees, through shrubs, and even across puddles. Leave your dog with a special surprise jackpot at the destination.