Leowon Whisperer – #1 Dog Trainer In selangor, Malaysia

Welcome to Leowon Whisperer, a well-known and high regarded dog training facility in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Leowon Whisperer is operated by PC Wong, a professional dog trainer with over 25 years of experience working with thousands of dogs and puppies of a wide range of breeds.

Every dog or puppy is unique. Give us a phone call or simply drop us a Whatsapp message to discuss about your situation and receive FREE, personalized consultation on what’s best for you and your dog/puppy.

Complimentary high quality boarding and pet food.

You don’t have to pay anything extra. Food and boarding costs are completely covered (some training centers will upsell you and easily charge an extra RM 1000-2000 just for food and accomodation). Although it’s free, rest assured that the quality of food and boarding is of high standards.

Complimentary demonstration, handover and training session for pet owners

While we have done 95% of the work to train and accustom your dog/puppy to obey towards verbal and gesture commands, it’s important that owners (you), know and can handle them properly. And for that very reason, we provide 3 free sessions throughout the training period to show you exactly how to utilize the commands your dog had picked up along the way.

Complimentary post-training phone consultations

We provide free phone call consultation even after the end of the training period. Just know that you can always reach us for any matter relating to your dog (heck, even if it’s not training related). 

Dog Owner Reviews

Still not convinced? Hear what our customers have to say about our dog training services. Heck, read the reviews directly on Google’s platform (so you can confirm they are from real, happy customers).

And of course, we are biased. Here are some of the best things our customers have to say about us – and we are extremely proud to share them with you.

Brought my Pomeranian, Hayley over to this private dog training center after making an appointment with the dog trainer. The environment there are so spacious and calm. I feel so comfortable leaving my dog at Leowon Whisperer for a month during her dog obedience training and behavior modification training. Hayley was given full attention from the dog trainer and I am so glad that she loves the place so much. It is definitely my first choice to send Hayley for boarding if I am away.

– Yii Xiang Lim –

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience at Leowon Whisperer. The trainers here are passionate about what they do, and it shows. They create a friendly and supportive environment that helps both dogs and their humans feel at ease. My energetic German Shepherd, Rocky, was a bit of a wild child before attending their classes. But with their positive reinforcement techniques and expert guidance, Rocky’s behavior made a complete 180. He now walks politely on a leash and responds to commands with enthusiasm. Recommend to enrol your dog to this training centre in Malaysia for a mannerly dog.

– Shu Kae Ng –

PC is a very excellent dog trainer and he is very professional regarding issues on dog. He will spend time to understand what my concern is and will explain to us why is the dog acting as such. We learned so much from him and so glad that we found him as my dog trainer because we can finally have some quality time with my Golden Retriever. Will recommend this place to all parents that plan to send their dogs for dog training. Will attach a video of him training my dog, I’m so in love with it.


– Chris Phang –

Contact Us


For those who are interested in sending their little ones for dog training can firstly contact us via phone/whatsapp or phone call. Our professional dog trainer will come back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: 016-5283552

Meet The Professionals

Still confused on which dog trainer to choose for your dogs? Wanna know if it’s possible to stop your dog from simply barking, biting and other bad habits?

Talk to our professionals immediately via Whatsapp/call to receive your free consultation.

Schedule a Date!

I will be honest. We are mostly fully booked as we have very limited capacity on the number of dogs we could train at every single moment (to make sure that each dog receives adequate amount of care, space and training). If you are serious, talk to us immediately.

Types Of Dog Training

At Leowon Whisperer, we offer a few types of dog training courses to better suit your needs. These are all our flagship trainings that have been proven to be effective in improving your dog’s overall temperament and behaviour.

Dog Obedience Training

This is our flagship training programme. We teach your dog some of the most basic, yet important commands such as sit, stay, down and heel. As your dog/puppy learns how to obey to these commands, they will be exceptionally obedient. This will naturally solve common problems such as random/aggressive barking, biting and more.

From RM 3500

Dog Potty Training

We can train your dog for potty training only as an added service on top of dog obedience training as without the basics, it would be impossible for him/her to follow the necessary command. Not every breed is suitable for potty training so talk to us to confirm.

From RM 1000

Guard Dog Training / Protection Dog Training

Basic aggression training is normally included in our dog obedience training (prevent random growling/barking, etc). However, if you want your dog to act as a guard dog primarily, then further aggression trainings are necessary and are covered in our guard dog training programme.

From RM 3500

What Exactly Does Dog Training Include and Entail?

Dog Training is an action to aducate a dog basic obedience such as certain abilities or skills as well as behaviours. It entails teaching a dog to respond to specific commands and instructions, and sometimes, some advance performance activities. By sending your dog for training, it will definitely avoid unruly behaviour from them.

Why Us?

Got a new puppy and you do not know how to handle it? Trying to get rid of bad habits but do not know where and how to start? Don’t worry, you are in a right place and we will have your problems solved.

Leowon Whisperer – #1 Dog Training Selangor, Malaysia is founded by PC Wong, the dog trainer which has more than 30 years of experience in training and breeding dogs. He believes that all dogs can be trained especially with the right skills and knowledge.

PC Wong has trained more than 100 dogs regardless the sizes of breed. Also, our trainers are traied, certified and trusted. Thus, you may leave your dog with us with full trust.







Husky participating in a dog training session
image of a well-trained dog

Puppy training malaysia

How about puppy training? Some owners prefer to train their dog at an early stage and that’s entirely possible. We have specific training programs catered towards puppy in Malaysia (dogs aged one year and below). However, your puppy has to be at least four months old before it is eligible for our training program.

Puppy training is especially helpful towards active breeds to help them learn and understand basic instructions at a young age.


Directions to Leowon Whisperer

From Plaza Tol Rawang (Plaza Tol Rawang Outbound), 48000 Rawang, Selangor to Leowon Whisperer – #1 Dog Training in Malaysia.

1. First of all, exit 116 Plaza Rawang Tol.

2. After tol, head north for 190m, then turn right and drive straight for 160m

3. Then, use the left 2 lanes to take the B27 ramp to Bandar Tasik Puteri/Batang Berjuntai/Batu Arang, then continue straight for 190m.

4. After 190m, keep right to stay on Jalan Batu Arang/Jalan Rawang – Kuala Selangor/B27 for 1.5km, then turn right onto Jalan Velox Utama and go straight for another 1.3km.

5. Once you reach the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Jalan Desa Utama for 750m.

6. After that, turn left onto Jalan Desa 6/8, go straight got 500m, then turn left toward Jalan Desa 6/9 for 100m.

7. After 100m, turn left again onto Jalan Desa 6/9 and go straight for 130m. The destination will be in your left.

Image of a professional dog trainer teaching a dog to sit using positive reinforcement techniques

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

If you have any question reagrding training your dog, feel free to whatsapp, call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




2, Jalan Desa 6/9, Bandar Country Homes, 48000 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia