Looking for a Cute and Family-Friendly Golden Retriever Puppy?

Getting your golden retriever puppy from us will definitely be your best bet. We have been breeding and supplying high-quality golden retriever puppies for a long time.

Our puppies are not just cute and adorable, but more importantly, they have great character which makes them a friendly and interesting pet (traits derived from a solid lineage).

Give us a phone call or simply drop us a Whatsapp message to reserve an appointment slot.

*Puppies are subjected to availability.

Officially Registered With The Malaysian Kennel Association

All our golden retriever puppies are registered and certified by the Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA). A certificate of bloodline will be provided so you know they are 100% pure-breed golden retrievers. Plus, you get an idea of the puppies’ maternal and paternal origins.

Fair, Affordable Price For A High Quality Golden Retriever Puppy

We are a direct supplier of golden retriever puppies so you will definitely get the best bang for your buck. Getting from us directly instead of a pet shop would mean paying much lesser for a similar quality puppy.

Complimentary After-Sale Service

One thing you don’t see often in this industry is solid post-sales service. We will make sure to assist you as much as we can even after you have brought the puppy back home. No ghosting on phone calls, etc. 

Puppy Owner Reviews

Still not convinced? Hear what our customers have to say about our golden retriever puppies.

One of the best choices I have made was to purchase Jacky directly from PC. I have looked at multiple pet shops over the last couple of months and couldn’t pull the trigger. Let’s face it, price is definitely a concern. The price offered by PC is amazing considering how cute and handsome the puppy looked. My boyfriend and I felt like it was a great deal. The puppy has been healthy so far and I am following all the guidelines provided by PC on vaccination dates, dog foods and stuffs.

– Jane Lim –

Very happy to buy my golden retriever puppy from Mr PC. Get to choose from a number of puppies. Having the MKA certification is definitely a plus for me as I have plans of attending dog shows in the future.

– Lee Suk Qing –

Highly recommend this kennel due to the assistance provided. PC has been very patient with my phone calls and taught me how to handle my dog’s diarrhea although I have brought the dog back for more than two weeks. Highly appreciate the help there. 

– James Quah –